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Why Us?

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  • Fully Insured - Wood Movers carries both general liability insurance, which protects the homeowner from any property damage and Workman's Compensation Insurance, which protects the homeowner in case an employee of Wood Movers is injured on the job. Tree removal is hazardous work. Severe injuries and even deaths do occur among workers in the industry. Because the premiums for Workman's Comp. insurance are high, many tree service companies do not carry it. We provide the homeowner with our insurance agencies' phone numbers and our company insurance policy numbers on each written estimate that we make.
  • Safety - We take safety seriously! In general, we try to follow OSHA's guidelines for safety in the tree care industry. Our crew members are well trained and wear personal protective equipment. Hard hats and heavy boots are required to be worn. You will not see baseball caps and sneakers on our workers when they are removing a tree!!
  • Efficiency - By utilizing a variety of equipment on jobs, both large and small, we can efficiently remove trees with a minimum of back-breaking hand labor from virtually any location around a home with minimal disturbance to the homeowner's yard. In most cases, there is no more footprint left than would be made with a riding lawnmower!
  • Written Assurance - We work only by written contract! This contract states specifically what work we will be doing, the price for this work, and a time frame in which the work is to occur. No money is required from the homeowner until the work is complete and the homeowner is satisfied.
  • Attention to Detail - Wood Movers is managed by an owner who was an "A" student throughout his schooling. With an eye for detail and a passion to do the best job for each client, he strives to instill that attitude in Wood Movers' employees.