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Our Services

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If you require something that is not listed, please let us know.

  • Tree Removal
    • From individual trees to multiple trees, we safely remove trees regardless of location around structures. If six or more trees are involved, we will meet or beat the removal price of any licensed tree removal service.
  • Stump Removal
    • We utilize both a large pick-up pulled stump grinder and smaller self-propelled ones to grind stumps. Where trees are blown over, we have the capability to either remove the stump intact or grind it in place, refilling the stump hole.
  • Tree Trimming
    • We employ an I.S.A. certified climber to do our trimming and pruning work. We do not “top” trees, which is a common practice in this area. That practice is not advocated by the International Society of Arboriculture, whose guidelines we try to follow. Topping a tree results in weak new branch structure and often sets the tree up for fungal infection that can kill the tree or severely decrease its longevity.
  • Storm Damage Tree Removal and Debri Clean Up
    • We can utilize either our company truck mounted knuckle boom loader or a crane to safely remove trees toppled onto structures, and then remove them and other storm debri from a homeowner's property.
  • Brush & Round Wood Hauling
    • We utilize a large truck with mounted loader to remove brush and logs from a homeowner's property, often contract hauling debri or logs from other tree service job sites.
  • Sale of Cedar, Cherry, and Walnut Lumber
    • Our lumber is air-dried after having been sawed from the better logs obtained during our tree removal work.
  • Sale of Firewood
    • We sell a limited amount of firewood from the better burning tree species removed from job sites---oak, hickory, and ash.
  • Military and Senior discounts
    • Most tree work for active duty or retired military personnel and senior citizens can be done at a price equal to or less than that of any licensed tree service competitor. The company owner of Wood Movers, Inc. served in Viet Nam.